“Pre-Born”: curbing women’s rights through semantics

“Pre-born”?? What’s in a word?

Recent stories out of my formerly-beloved longtime home state of Georgia are all about the newly passed law protecting the pre-born. Hello? When did a fetus become not a fetus? When did children get split into two categories, the born and the unborn?

The semantic gymnastics have little to do with reality, but everything to do with women’s rights. Women’s rights are marching backwards so fast, in so many ways, in so many areas, it’s getting impossible to keep track. In Kansas, for instance, women don’t even have the right to hear the truth from their physicians – who are now required to tell them that if they have an abortion it might put them at risk for breast cancer, a rumor which has no proven scientific basis. But it helps narrow women’s options. Elevating the fetus to a protected status simply means demoting the woman carrying it to a status of being without rights or choices.

A fetus is a fetus is a fetus. It resides within a living, post-born woman. This is called pregnancy. No one, absolutely no one, not one living soul anywhere on the planet knows the full circumstances of that pregnancy other than the woman.

What in the world is with all these men (OK, and a lot of women who similarly cannot know the circumstances of someone else’s pregnancy) and their obsession with denial of women’s rights? Do they know about wars, poverty, global warming, hunger, homelessness, abused children……………