Sharing opinions on a variety of topics is (obviously!) among my favorite things to do. New York Times “Letters” editor Sue Mermelstein once said, to mutual friend & fellow compulsive letter writer Peter Flemming, “Oh yes, Fran is one of our regulars.” Which I would put on my tombstone, if I were planning to have a tombstone. Here are a few letters etc from years past.

The Washington Post: January 21, 2022
“The Compassionate Choice”

The New York Times: December 12, 2021
“Abortion: Reality, Not Theory”

The New York Times: July 2, 2021
“Dark Days Before Roe v Wade”

The New Yorker: March 29, 2021
“Learning to Let Go”

The New York Times: August 13, 2017
“When Doctors Help End Lives”

New York Times Magazine: February 19, 2016
“End of Life Ethics”

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