Signed copies of some earlier books are available from the author for $15 (incl. shipping.) A limited number of copies of Dying Unafraid are available at no cost. Use the Contact Form below.

Perilous Times-An Inside Look at Abortion

“An important contribution to the discussion about reproductive rights”
– author Anne Lamott

“This is what journalism is supposed to be about.  Not a bunch of stats, tables and graphs.  Just people talking about what happened to them, in their own words.”
– author Milton Moskowitz

Dying Unafraid

“What do we know? All we really know is that we don’t know,” Johns tells us at the end of her book. She believes that “if dying could be fully understood and explored, in fact living itself would be diminished.” The people in Dying Unafraid understand a great deal, and you will too after you read their stories. You will be intrigued and comforted, and you might even be changed.”
– Book reviewer Helen Beum

Never in Doubt-Stories of Earl Moreland

A memoir of sorts: A man and his time

“He might well have been wrong from time to time – although most of the time he was right – but he was never in doubt.”
– Ladell Payne, 13th president of Randolph-Macon College.


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