Calling all ghouls & goblins

A Halloween exclusive for readers of this page!

You don’t really like to dress up funny? You have to go to a costume party? Or a significant event that calls for acknowledgment? This solution, requiring a minimum of supplies and bother, is offered:

Get three friends to accompany you. One needs a clergy collar. The second needs a black hat, preferably a giant black hat such as cowboys or German carpenters wear. Number three needs a name badge designating support for the fine end-of-life nonprofit Compassion and Choices. And number four needs identification with an insurance agency. You thereupon represent the Obama theme song “Signed, Sealed, Delivered; I’m Yours.” The originating group (my friend Deborah, #1; my husband, #2; myself, #3 and friend Diane, #4) is happy to offer this suggestion as a seasonal public servce.

We are going as a Death Panel.