One more (anti)-gun law progresses

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Yesterday the California state Assembly approved a bill 45-25 that would ban “Open Carry” — the carrying of unloaded handgun in public. The bill now goes to the Senate.

The measure by Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña, D-San Diego, came in response to advocates who have been toting unloaded pistols in public in an attempt to expand Second Amendment gun rights.

She and other Democrats behind the measure, AB1934, called it a public safety issue and said law enforcement groups support the bill. Republicans said the measure targets law-abiding citizens.

Visitors to this space reading earlier posts about the Open Carry debate were essentially unanimous in saying I have no constitutional right to feel safe in public; 45 state Assembly members apparently see banning Open Carry as a way for people to be safe in public. Or more so, to some extent. The debate continues.

Assembly bans openly carrying guns in public.


  1. Laws are not for criminals.
    A lack of a driving licence does NOT stop a criminal from driving.
    Alack of a gun licence does NOT stop a criminal from carrying.
    Make whatever laws you want BUT unless the Liberal Judges agree with them ,its hopeless.and each judge nowdays think they have a right to interpret the laws as THEY see them.NOT as they were passed.
    I want stricter gun laws,BUT I want stricter judges first.

  2. Sign the petition for California at – AB 1934 must be stopped.

    In 2008 the Supreme Court said that the Second Amendment secures “the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation.” What part of right-to-carry does Assemblywoman Saldana not understand?

    Sign the petition today!

  3. I mentioned in a previous comment that our weekly Thursday Night Farmer’s Market has become a venue for (I hate to give it credence with capitalization) “open carry” advocates as well as “tea partiers'” (same contempt). Mix in pro-life, tantric yoga, and the peace forum and Redlands – a Rep. Jerry Lewis Republican mecca – becomes sort of interesting. I have been trying to post comments to the T/S writers that add to the story, rather than simply proffer an opinion. Sadly, I will deplete my ambient experience and knowledge rather quickly unless I do some actual groundwork. Love seeing Rep. Saldana’s measure against open carry. Boots on the ground tomorrow night! I’m going to the Farmer’s Market to talk to the gun-toters – with objectivity. Tom Medlicott

    1. And good luck with your objectivity & rationality & civility. All of those qualities are sorely needed and not that often employed in this debate. Thanks for adding to the story. Let us know if you come up with any answers.

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