Abortion foes stoop to new lows, and new absurdities

Two pregnant women. One has someone behind her holding a gun to her head. The other one, a Black woman, is being led by a white man. They are entering an abortion clinic.

Wait! Saved by Georgia Right to Life!

It could soon be against the law to force someone to have an abortion, or to have an abortion that is “racially motivated” in the state of Georgia. SB 529, the Coercion and Prenatal Non-Discrimination Ban sponsored by Senator Chip Pearson and lustily supported by Georgia Right to Life, passed a couple of weeks ago by a vote of 33 to 14. The bill now goes to the House, where HB 1155 will send the same message into the world: Thou shalt not “coerce” someone into having an abortion; thou shalt not abort “on the basis of race or gender.”

If you have not noticed forced or racially motivated abortions being rampant in this country you may wonder what’s up with Georgia Right to Life.

I happen to think I know. My crystal ball says if the rather ridiculous law passes this is what will follow: GRTL will find some poor woman willing to declare, after seeking a perfectly legal abortion, that her doctor actually forced her to have the procedure. A high profile case will ensue, the doctor may or may not be convicted — that part really doesn’t matter — but more and more doors will close against abortions. Once enough doors are closed, GRTL and others eager to dictate what women may or may not do with their own bodies will have achieved their goal. Legal abortion will be denied the women of Georgia.

So, you say, they can just go to another state (until the method proves effective and other states follow along. Other states are watching.) If they have money and resources, that will be true. But the poor and un-empowered women of Georgia will be left without safe choices. And you can believe that there will be plenty of back-alley abortionists in business by then.

A diminishing number of us know what it was like in the heyday of back-alley abortions. The right-to-life people, who are so worried about embryos but don’t believe women have rights, won’t tell you. I will. Filthy men (and sometimes even women) made big money butchering desperate women who had no other choice. So the women lay on kitchen tables or gurneys bought cheap at hospital supply warehouses, had unsterilized objects puncture their bodies and went home — often to die.

There are two problems with the RTL people. One is their righteous zeal. The Alabama Pro-Life Coalition Education Fund, for example, “cooperates with God and other Christians…” Hmm. I, a committed Christian, have talked with God about a lot of things and She never told me She wanted to consign mature women to barbarity. The second problem is with mature women. The RTLers believe a fertilized egg has more rights than the woman within whose body it is harbored. If you find that as hard to believe as the notion that women in Georgia are being herded into abortion chambers against their will — check out Ohio Right to Life‘s opposition to the current H.B. 333. ORTL opposes the morning-after pill because “it may cause early abortion” on the morning after.

If the RTLers could, for one moment, stand in the shoes of just one poor, desperate, pregnant woman from the days before Roe v Wade they might get a tiny glimpse of the terror that comes from being without choices. The RTLers say, Choose Life, which I do, every day, for myself and everyone else humanly possible. If abortion becomes criminalized, as is the RTL aim, uncounted thousands of women will have no choice but the deadly back-alley abortionist.


  1. well, brian, i can only speak for myself. life itself is a joy more important than my momentary happiness or sadness. the bottom line was, is and will always be a woman’s choice about her body and her life. as with anything, legal or not, abortions will be performed and i would rather it was done safely. let’s hope for that much enlightenment in a world that is sometimes difficult to cheer about.

    1. You speak for me too, Michael. The issue is choice; the fact of and need for abortion will not go away as long as there is humankind, and there must be a safe option. While not having children (as Brian wonders about) can in my opinion be an extremely selfless, not selfish, choice, I continue to believe in the possibility of a more enlightened future — thanks to our children and grandchildren.

  2. Ask any thinking fetus if it wishes to be birthed into this kind of nation. Ask any thinking adult if it would live its useless, stupid, empty life again. Women who love CHILDREN abort their fetuses. Anyone who loves children would never demand they live through this awful life.

    1. Gosh, Brian, I don’t think I’m quite in agreement with you. As a woman who loves children and had three very strongly wanted ones (after one aborted embryo which could not have had much of a life) I cling to hope. Today’s children, especially those who are wanted,loved and cared for, might be able to make the world better. I do believe if we protect individual choice, those whose children would be unwanted and unloved will choose not to have them and the loved & cared for children might grow up to continue that cycle. There are at least a lot of children (and people way younger than I) who reinforce my hope.

      1. “Little girl fetus, you’ll be born to a 13 year old in Congo. Your mother will be raped and murdered before you’re a year old, but you will be raised to the age of nine by relatives. At nine, you will be gang raped, have your arms cut off with machetes, and be executed by having a rifle fired up your vagina. Would you like to be born?”

        Fran, my wife and I have five children, all dearly loved (blended families). Would I condemn another five to life? I really don’t know. Is not having children an act of selfishness?

      2. “Is not having children an act of selfishness?”

        You’re entitled to your opinion, but perhaps we should leave the choice to those who do the child-bearing. Brian.

      3. I think Brian’s a comic. The subject, after all, is choice. So, naturally, he charges in and passes judgment on what others do and how they live. It’s irony–get it?

        We have Georgia’s brand of taking away choice, and we have Brian’s. Cue the laugh track!

      4. No, I think Brian’s only expressing a real sadness about the state of the world, Savio, not dictating to anyone about refraining from having children. And the big difference with the RTLers is that they would dictate that women, including many who would choose otherwise, MUST have children once an ovum is fertilized.

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