Comfort and Joy

I spoke recently to a group of incredibly informed and articulate women, members of the San Francisco OWL chapter. (It used to be an acronym for Older Women’s League, but is now simply OWL, and its members do tend to be very wise.) Plus, any time you can get several dozen busy women to come out on a cold, gray, drizzly, Saturday morning for a talk entitled Living for Now, Preparing for Later, it has to be an encouraging day. More encouraging were the questions and comments. They pretty much boiled down to this: the participants wanted to make sure their documents (and their lives) were in order in case they got hit by a truck this afternoon; many wanted to get involved in my Compassion & Choices of N.CA cause, all of them were very definitely living for now. A few days later, when I met another informed and articulate woman named Colette Lafia and her new book Comfort and Joy: Simple Ways to Care for Ourselves and Others, the two episodes made a nice fit. (More about that on my blog.) Colette’s lovely little book is designed as a personal guide for finding comfort; there are even ‘Cultivating Comfort’ advisories at the end of each segment. The good women of OWL, who focus consistently on local, national and international issues of all sorts, are taking care of their own basic now-and-later comfort issues. And guess where it leads? To joy. Good tidings.

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