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At the Commonwealth Club's “Women at Risk” panel
At the Commonwealth Club’s “Women at Risk” panel
With legendary abortion rights activist Pat Maginnis
With legendary abortion rights activist Pat Maginnis
With actor/comic Geoff Hoyle
With actor/comic Geoff Hoyle



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October 14, 2013

Mill Valley Gathering

Mill Valley Gathering


A few other photos I like:

Spire is a favorite sculpture byAndy Goldsworthy which is, happily, quite nearby inside the Presidio. It was created from felled trees during restoration work in that great national park in San Francisco. As with many other works of the gifted artist, it will eventually disappear back into nature, when the newly planted trees around it grow above and beyond. If you haven’t seen the documentary film about Goldworthy’s work, Rivers and Tides, do yourself a favor and rent the DVD. (We love it so much we bought it.)






  1. Hi Fran,

    I am really enjoying your blog, your focus and service to women, your willingness.

    An admirer

    Christy Frantz, fellow Calvary friend
    Alison Faison’s sister

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