Welcome.many languagesWelcome to the new/new look of this old website.

We’re hoping you will find it easier to roam around, as well as worth the roaming. Since I began – with a paid blog for the late lamented True/Slant.com in 2009 – and through a redesign a half-dozen years ago, I’ve posted over 700 brief essays on everything from abortion rights to zillionaires. Definitely more than you’ll ever want to read.

However. Thanks to the utterly amazing editing of Sara Vitale, most of them have been sorted into a few general groups. And thanks to the patient redesigning of Eileen Mullin, the most recent three essays appear at the top of the home page, books old & new are in the middle and a few hundred of the oldie blogs are below.

I continue to welcome your comments on blog pages, or via email, fjohns33@mindspring.com.


    1. Mountain Lake Park & the Commonwealth Club keep me sane. WordPress blogs, Facebook, cookies, pre-ordained digital codes (& the caregiving business) drive me bananas — so why not write short stories?

  1. Great to hear you’re doing a short-story collection! Do you need a beta reader? I’m working on a collection too, and I plan to self-publish (haven’t got time for the agent hunt, etc.). The title (tentative) is “Laboratory Notebook,” and it includes verbal sketches of irrationality in the scientific enterprise. Would you have the interest/time to do a beta-reader exchange?

  2. So happy that all the Fran-Writings-Fit-to-Print is available in one spot. I look forward to making my way through it.

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