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Welcome.many languagesWelcome to the new look of this old blog. Its predecessor, ‘Boomers & Beyond,’ began in the early days of the late lamented True/Slant.com. I was writing, at the time, a paid blog for that good news aggregate site, with ‘Boomers & Beyond’ aimed at building their readership among over-50 generations. Some of those readers, people from all over whom I’ve never even met – and this continues to astound – still drop in. It is also beyond belief for this writer to read on the analytics page that someone (or even two or three!) in the Philippines or South Korea or Brazil stopped by this page.

‘Boomers & Beyond’ marked my entry, in the summer of 2009, into the strange new world of the blogosphere. For the most part it has been sheer fun; hopefully it’s also been worth reading.

But after 617 posts, 1,207 comments, and seldom a dull moment, it seemed time for a change. So with apologies to the writers of Revelation 25:5 (and with help from my WordPress-savvy friend Ryan), we are making (almost) all things new here at franjohns.net. For a variety of reasons, old and new.

It’s partly because I really want to publish my short story collection if I live long enough, which means backing off of writing constantly about Causes.

End of life issues and reproductive justice have consumed the majority of my time in the blogosphere. I will probably continue to explain, when people ask what I do, that I “write a lot about death and dying and abortion,” just because that’s such a good way not to get invited to cocktail parties. And I’ll probably continue to write on those issues. We’re winning one, as the right to death with dignity inches ahead across the U.S., and losing the other; so neither seems likely to drop off the public stage any time soon.

This site, though, will range a little farther afield from now on. It will offer brief essays on a variety of topics, hopefully useful thoughts or insights that invite your response.



  1. I’ll look forward to reading whatever gets processed (or was previously created) by that brain of yours and that you see “fit to print.”

    1. Processing the brain is, as I’ve commented elsewhere, wayyyyy easier than creating new looks on WordPress. Thank you for your dedicated Viewing.

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